Ads on gvid ar pay per impression. This applies to verified impressions and you will not pay for ad shown on browsers.

The placement of an ad determines how much you will pay, and that is your choice. Available positions start all the way at the top of the page and go all the way to the bottom.

You can be as selective as you want on what pages you would like your ad to show. Just let us know what tags you would like the ad to appear on, or even give us specific instructions and we will make it happen to the best of our ability at no additional cost.

If two ads would like to appear on the same page then you can optionally bid an amount over the standard that you would be willing to pay per impression. The top bid will win and pay the amount of the second highest bid. If there is a tie or no one bids then it will go first to the advertizement with the most specificity or the user with the highest remaining balance.

Ads can be any kind of image or even soundless video plus a link, or expanded markdown.

There are a total of ten positions an ad could appear on a page. They range from the most expensive to the least.

They are

One thing to keep in mind is that due to A/B testing and user preferences the suggestions may be located in a different place for different users, so positions relative to suggestions may be above the fold or below it.

Here is a widget that shows where advertizements will appear.